What is Lion's Mane and how do I cook it?

What is Lion's Mane and how do I cook it?

Lion's Mane is one of our all time favourite mushrooms at Fungi Foods for a whole host of reasons! It's tender and juicy when cooked with an earthy flavour unlike any other mushrooms we've tried. Many describe the flavour as 'Seafood-like', often comparing it to crab or lobster meat. Not only does it taste great (and look pretty cool also) but it contains a whole host of medicinal benefits. Research on this mushroom shows it to have brain boosting medicinal properties which can improve focus, reduce stress and enhance immune system functions. All this from one little mushroom? People often ask us the best way to cook Lions Mane so we've pulled together a couple of simple recipes to get you going. Enjoy!

Simple Fried Lion's Mane


- Lions Mane Mushroom

- Olive Oil

- Butter (or vegan alternative)

- Salt & Pepper


- Tear up you Lion's Mane 

- Fry the slice of mushrooms in a dry frying pan (without oil) over a medium heat for 5 minutes

- Lion's Mane contains ALOT of water so you'll notice they reduce in size as the moisture evaporates

- Once most of the water so cooked off add olive oil and fry until golden and crisp

- Finish off with some butter and salt, pepper to taste 

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