Let your mushroom farm grow!

All blocks are crafted in our North Wales facility using British hardwoods and agricultural by-products like wheat and soybean hulls. They undergo pressure sterilization at 121°C and are inoculated with premium strains of gourmet mushrooms.

Who are commerical fruiting blocks for?

Our blocks cater primarily to commercial growers or hobbyists seeking expansion. Unlike our kits, they lack instructions and need a suitable fruiting environment to thrive.

How do the blocks arrive?

Blocks come in boxes of 10. All orders over 50 blocks will be sent via pallet network. Our blocks are ready to fruit and require no incubation - for best results put blocks in fruiting environment as soon as they arrive.

How do I order fruiting blocks?

A minimum order of 10 blocks is required, with discounts offered on larger quantities. Lead times vary on species and availability - we try to fulfill an order within 2 weeks, however, some species like Shiitake may take longer.

The one and only Shiitake mushroom! Native to Asia, these forest mushrooms grow on rotting wood logs and have a rich umami flavour.

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